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Proven Success; Workday Experts Trust Noktada.

Why Noktada to help assemble your interim Workday project team?

Well, we have been doing this successfully for a while now. Our founder, Cagatay Kulekci, was one of the very first recruitment professionals in Europe to specialise in Workday transformation programmes.

We appreciate that for a time, you will live and breathe your project. There will be long days, sometimes even longer nights. We will be there every step of the way with you.

Our conversation will begin with an understanding of the problem you are trying to solve with Workday, your target operating model for HR and Finance, and your critical project milestones.

We then advise, based on what you have shared with us, our capacity to assist you in making your project a success.

Our network is broad; more importantly, it consists of professionals with a proven track record in Workday transformation programmes. Time and time again, we have collaborated with many of the same individuals and can assure the quality of resource we are providing onto your project.

For new collaborators, we set the bar high and strictly vet performance on previous projects. We will do all we can to limit your liability.

Think Noktada to help you recruit the very best for your organisation.

Programme and Project Managers
The people behind the management of all successful programmes.
PMO Leads
Track your progress and critical milestones and mitigate your risks.
Functional Subject Matter Experts
Realise the full potential of your Workday investment (*across all HCM and Financial Modules.)
Technical Experts
Across Data, Testing and Integrations
Change Management
Ensure your People get full value from Workday; through a clear communication strategy and user training curriculum.

Our search criteria cover the full spectrum of a successful Workday implementation team. We can assist with the appointment of an interim programme leadership team or help boost your support in specific areas.

  • Programme and Project Managers
  • PMO Leads incl. Master Schedulers
  • Functional Subject-Matter-Experts across all modules within Workday
  • Technical resources across Data, Testing and Integrations
  • Change/Comms Managers
  • Learning and Training Specialists

No project is too large or too small; our response is robust.

If you would like to discuss interim project support, please email to arrange a callback.

Teammate Solutions

Workday is now live within your organisation

Perhaps you have inherited a team who understand your business but need mentoring in mastering Workday? Or maybe you are looking to create a new function which means hiring experienced Workday professionals? We’re here to help!
While it may seem that everyone is working in the gig economy these days, especially highly-sought-after Workday professionals, yet, there is a significant number who prefer to forge a career in the more traditional sense, i.e. in permanent employment.

Engaging the right talent is no small task; this truly is a candidate-driven market. Your success will depend on partnering with the right agent (insert subtle hint here), an ability to move ahead with speed, transparency and an appreciation that there is fierce competition for Workday skills across multisector.

With work necessarily no longer a physical destination and collaboration happening through platforms like Slack, Trello, Zoom and many others, candidates now look for differentiators such as flexible working arrangements (no longer seen as a privilege).

Further development – what is the scope for growth? Do you have a well-defined development plan and promotion strategy which you can communicate clearly at the interview stage?

Some benefits might not be feasible to offer; you may operate in a highly regulated environment where flexible working is not an option, or maybe yours is a culture which flourishes when everyone comes together in the same room. Whichever is your reality, we can help.

On initial consultation, we will ask the right questions of you, and your business and together agree on an action plan for finding your next Workday teammate.


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Our headquarters are based in London, UK
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Our headquarters are based in London, UK
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